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In continuation of the Wind Farm Logistics Course Program (see the WFL news item of March 23th) LU Yan, student of the Sino-Dutch program between Shanghai Maritime University and the HZ University of Applied Sciences from Vlissingen NL, has performed a research study to  design and realize a Wind Turbine Control Awareness Simulator (WTC-AS). The assignment was initiated by the WFL Academy, supported by AMC Centre. The WFL Academy is an online study environment for Wind Farm Logistics (WFL), based on the WFL Knowledge and Innovation Center to keep the course modules actual and relevant.

The WTC-AS is specifically developed for educational purposes, to make the principles of wind turbines clear and visual for unexperienced users also. It is foreseen that the main user group will be students of the WFL Academy. For this reason the user-interface is kept as simple as possible, but on the other hand the parameter setting and results must be as realistic as attainable. The simulator shows the main failures and errors of a wind turbine in an illustrative and  informative way. This by adjusting different input parameters with regard to the work conditions and performances of an offshore wind turbine (1.5 or 5 MW) equipped with a gearbox and doubly fed induction generator.

The prototype result can be experienced by following the hyperlink: Wind Turbine Control Awareness Simulator.

LU Yan, has presented and defended her research with success for the panel of examiners which exists of;  Mr. Bert Velraeds, Mr. Flip Wubben and Dr. John Stavenuiter, in Vlissingen June 18th.

For some pictures you can visit the info centre

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